Parque Nacional Machalilla


This area was inhabited by the first “Ecuadorian” Culture, its evidence dating back 8,000 years. The predominant culture was the Manteña (500 BC to 1,500 BC). If you have time, on your way from Guayaquil you can visit the Archaeological Museum of the Pro-Pueblo Foundation that is very close to the City of La Libertad.


This part of Manabí has a unique dry area called ecological zone “xeric scrub” (the same ecological zone found in the Galapagos Islands), or more commonly known as “dry forest”, it is a strip that goes from the Central Coast South of Ecuador to the North Coast of Peru. From December to July this sector is sunny and dry, and from July to November it is misty and cold (like 15º C), but it is the time when you can enjoy the visit of the humpback whales !.