Luna de Miel



AZULUNA is located just south of the Machalilla National Park, in Ecuador’s Manabi Province. Its privileged view and proximity to the ocean offer you a unique and pristine setting for a well-deserved rest away from your normal routine.

AZULUNA offers private cabins, each with a beautiful ocean view and the cloud forest, designed to maximize privacy and tranquility. The cabins are built using local ecological materials and various types of wood such as bamboo and cade (tagua palm leaf). At Azuluna, we take care of the local eco-system by re-using and recycling.

Azuluna supports various local community projects through Fundacion Reto Internacional:

Tour Itinerary:

  • In the morning, arrival.
  • Arrival in the morning.
  • Lunch.
  • In the afternoon: Visit the Ayampe river; where you can enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings as you hike along the river. You will have the opportunity to view some of the 300 different species of birds from the area, as well as various types of wild bamboo.
  • Dinner; bottle of wine courtesy of Azuluna Ecolodge.
  • Breakfast.
  •  In the morning: Visit the Community Project of Agua Blanca.

Agua Blanca is a typical small community in the Ecuadorian coast with small, simple houses built of bamboo and cade roofs (tagua palm leaves).

Agua Blanca was the capital of the Señorío Manteño de Salangome (ancient indigenous settlement). Temples, palaces and houses were built here and populated by thousands of people. The locals were excellent sailors, and their balsa ships sailed from Mexico to Peru, exchanging products with different cultures along the way.

More than a decade of archeological work including several excavations, led the archaeologists to discover and rescue many important artifacts and ruins from the Manteño culture. Some of these artifacts are displayed in a small local museum which is administrated by the community. Different types of pottery, sacred U shaped stone chairs used just by the “curaca” or community chief, copper jewelry and obsidian projectile points which reconfirm the trade this culture kept with indigenous groups from the Andes, are displayed in the museum. The Manteños used spondylus seashells as currency for their trade and as a symbol of wealth. Nowadays, this precious seashell can be tasted in the best restaurants in the area, although it’s harder to find lately due to overfishing.

To complement this cultural immersion, you will have the opportunity to take a refreshing swim and have a natural mud treatment in the spectacular sulphur lagoon, amidst the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

  • Box lunch or a meal in Puerto López.
  • In the afternoon: Visit Frailes Beach.
  • Dinner.
  • Early in the morning: Observe the fishermen returning with their catch to Puerto Lopez (optional).
  • Breakfast (Azuluna or Puerto Lopez, depending on the activity above).
    • Full day: Tour of La Plata Island.
    • Boat trip, approximately 2 hours (we recommend bringing sea sickness medication. Mareol is the name used in Ecuador, and can be found at any Pharmacy).
    • Hiking around the Island- approximately 2 to 3 hours (a local Naturalist guide will be in charge).
    • Box lunch included (2 sandwiches, fruit and water).
    • Snorkeling (included in tour).

La Plata Island is part of the Machalillia National Park and is located 36 kilometers from the continent and is 1200 hectares in size. It has a dry climate where different species of plants have adapted. Its fauna is mainly fish and a multitude of birds such as the blue-footed booby, red-footed booby, masked/nazca booby, frigate bird, red-billed tropicbird and albatross which have chosen this island for mating.

  • The island was a ceremonial center in pre-Columbian times. After the Spanish conquest, pirates used to visit the island. In the late XVI century it was used as a base by Sir Francis Drake after assaulting the Galleon “Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción” to divide his loot. For those who love underwater scenery and wildlife, Drake Bay is the perfect place for its coral reefs. The only way to get here is by arranged tours.
  • Dinner.
  •  Breakfast.
  • Horseback riding (not included in the proposed price) or enjoy the beach or walk to the Bamboo Church “Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria” in the town of Puerto Rico and unique in Ecuador (all optional).
  • Lunch.
  • Check Out.



Rate valid until December 15th, 2017 (In the case that Ecuador faces a drastic economic change, Azuluna will readjust the current rates and inform you about any changes in advance).
Commissionable rate in 10% for Agents.

Buy a standard cabin, stay in a superior US $ 310.50

Buy a superior cabin, stay in a standard suite US $ 340.50

Buy a standard suite, stay in a suite de luxe US $ 355.50


  • Accommodation upgrading your cabins: pay for a standard cabin-stay in a superior; pay for a superior cabin-stay in a standard suite or pay for a standard suite cabin-stay in a de luxe.
  •  Welcome cocktail.
  •  Bottle of wine courtesy of Azuluna Ecolodge.
  • Azuluna Breakfast (fruit salad, natural yogurt, granola, eggs, pancakes or similar, organic coffee or tea, and fresh natural juice). Note: breakfast could take place in the market (local breakfast) if you decide to observe the fishermen returning with their catch.
  • Lunch and dinner according to itinerary; in both cases meal includes: soup, main course, dessert and juice; served in buffet style. Note: depending on each program some of these meals could be replaced by a box lunch.
  • Safe, drinkable water.
  •  Beach Towels.
  • Tours mentioned above guided by professionals.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Internet WiFi.
  • Ecuadorian taxes.


  • Transportation to and from Azuluna Ecolodge.
  • Municipality of Puerto Lopez tax US $ 1 when you enter Isla de la Plata and entrance fee to Agua Blanca US $ 5.
  • Horse-back riding mentioned above as optional.
  • Full (travelling, medical, etc.) insurance. In case of an accident or death, air or bus company or travel agency insurance will be applied. Please check for more details at the end of this itinerary.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Tips.
  • Anything extra not mentioned in the itinerary above.


  • An initial deposit in cash of 50% per person is required as soon as dates are confirmed.
• The 50% balance can be paid with your credit card during your check-in.








  • You may cancel your confirmed booking IN WRITING.
  • The forfeit will be deducted automatically from the deposits made as soon as the written cancellation is received.


  • Azuluna Ecolodge runs this tour in coordination with local air and bus companies, as well as local travel agencies and tourist guides.
  • Azuluna Ecolodge works only with reputable tourist companies.
  • Azuluna Ecolodge will be responsible for providing accommodations and on-time meals, according to the itinerary above. Any delay in air, bus or sea transportation will be the responsibility of each particular company providing the service.


  • That about 10% of your accommodation costs at Azuluna Ecolodge are used to support different development projects in nearby Las Tunas Village.
  • Azuluna  is supporting the development of the local economy through the practice of “fair trade” through the purchase of:
    • Organic coffee served in our restaurant as planted and processed by “Agroartesanal Association of Coffee Producers Intag River-Imbabura Province”;
    • The marketing of the artesan crafts sold in our Reception desk boutique as created by the Association of Families in Rocafuerte-Manabi Province; and

Azuluna Ecolodge seeks to actively support local economic development in all its practices!
Perla del Pacifico Sur Award for “Best Management Practices in Sustainable Tourism 2011
Mention of Honor 2012: “Good Practices in Sustainable Tourism and Support to Community”, GAD Puerto López
Selected as one of the 35 Economic and Romantic Paradises in South America, Chile Enviajes, 2014