Agua Blanca


Is a small community within the limits of the National Park (so, you’ll need your entrance ticket plus you will have to pay US$ 3 entrance fee to Agua Blanca). From AZULUNA go north, by bus or car, you will get there in approximately 20 minutes, where you’ll see a sign and a small park ranger’s station on the right side of the road. From there, the village is a 10 minutes drive or a 2 hour walk.

 In the village you can find a museum with old pots and many pre-Columbian ceramics, as well as a nice path with other archeological finds, and a lagoon with lots of sulphur. Watch the time so you can get back to the main road before dark, because buses are scarce later in the evening. If you’re a birdwatcher or serious hiker, or if you just want to take a longer walk, there is a beautiful cloud forest area called “San Sebastian” that we highly recommend.